STEP 1: Choose your Equipment and Add to Cart.

STEP 2: Click Checkout to submit your Reservation Request.

STEP 3: We will contact you within 24 hours regarding your request. We will send you a quotation with the total amount to be paid and bank deposit instructions.


What address do I place in the Shipping Address?

Just place your address or the location of the shoot.


What if I change my mind and I want to make changes to my reservation?

Just contact us and we can always revise your request and send you a revised quotation.

Can't I make an online payment using PayPal or my Credit Card?

As of now, we still cannot accommodate online credit card or PayPal payments. However we're already working on it and we will activate this feature pretty soon.

I can't see the product I need in the Equipment List. Is there any chance you still have it?

We regularly purchase new equipment for rent, so feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we might be have what you need. We try our best to update our site as soon as possible, however there may be items we haven't uploaded yet, but we already have on hand.


How can I pay? What are the payment terms?

Once you Checkout your items we will contact you and inform you the Total Amount for payment, including Bank Deposit instructions.


You can deposit 50% downpayment to our BDO account and email us the deposit slip. Remaining balance must be paid on the day of the shoot, before we begin.


You can contact us at 7754739 and we will be happy to assist you. You can also email us at avstudioservices@gmail.com

Pls. note that Manpower/Crew, Service Vehicle, Consumables and 12% VAT are not yet included upon Checkout.


Rest assured that we will inform you of the Total Amount to be paid 24hours after your request is made. You can always change your request and we will send you a revised quotation.

Packages and already discounted Promos for Sony A7S2, Canon C500 and P2 Cameras are excluded from this discount. We assure you that you're getting way more than 30% on those deals as it is.