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LAMPHEAD CONTENTS Lamp Housing without Bulb (purple grey & silver color) 4-leaf Rotatable Barndoor with Safety Wire Ø175mm (6-7/8 in.) Fresnel Lens Inlet Cable with Multi-Pin Connector Stirrup with Ø28mm (1-1/8 in.) Spigot # Requires Electronic Ballast, Lamphead to Ballast Cable and Lamp


ACCESSORIES Electronic Ballast V3 : 1.8kW/1.2kW/800W or 1.8kW/1.2kW/575W Lamphead to Ballast Cable : 7m (23 ft.) or 15m (49 ft.) 4-leaf Rotatable Barndoor Filter Frame Set of 4 Scrims Ø229mm (9 in.) : Full Single, Full Double, Half Single, Half Double Scrim Bag Safety Cable (for lamphead) Safety Wire (for barndoor)


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