The Xenyx XL1600 from Behringer is 16 channel mixing console that features an impressive array of professional capabilities, attractive styling, and a very cost-effective price. The input stage features 12 low-noise, high-headroom Xenyx preamps with +48V phantom power and high-pass filter buttons on every channel. A musical 4-band EQ with 2 sweepable frequencies is provided on every mono channel.

The inclusion of direct outputs makes the Xenyx XL1600 a very useful tool in your recording studio, as well as being a fully capable live sound mixer. You can use the direct outputs to send up to 8 additional microphone channels into the line inputs on a computer audio interface. Monitor the playback from your DAW through the XL1600 to utilize its two headphone outputs, and to check your mix against a commercial CD with its CD/Tape input. You can also send your mix to multiple sources through the XL1600 to hear how it translates in different speakers.

16 Channel Audio Mixer- Behringer


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