This is a compact, lightweight Dedolight Sundance 200 Watt HMI 1 light kit, based on the Dedolight 200 Watt daylight fixture for single ended HMI lamps. Used in conjunction with its electronic ballast, the 200D brings the same level of superior, sophisticated performance to the world of HMI, as the 436 and 650 provide for tungsten.

This fixture has a flood-spot intensity variation of 1:20. Its beam spread can vary from 46 - 4° from the position of the fixture. The electronic ballast is multi-voltage, auto-sensing between 90-260 volts. It has a dimming switch for full or half power.

This kit includes a light shield ring, and 4 leaf barndoor set. It also includes a head to ballast cable, and hard kit case. Add a light stand, scrims, and other accessories of your choice.


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Dedolight 200W


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