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The Electro-Voice R300-HD is a cost-effective, all-metal handheld wireless microphone system well suited for tabletop use, or as part of an AV installation, in small- to medium-sized conference centers, educational facilities, and performance spaces.

The R300-HD includes the R300 antenna-diversity receiver and the HT300 handheld microphone transmitter with a PL22 cardioid, dynamic capsule. The system has a 150' operating range and features 32 pre-progammed frequencies to scan for optimal transmission, along with removable antennas that allow the user to rackmount the receiver (with separately available rackmount kit and antenna cables).

The ClearScan feature on the R300 receiver automatically searches for the ideal operating frequency, while the EZ Sync button locks the transmitter to the correct channel via infrared. The system's antenna-diversity technology helps to reduce noise and interference by comparing the incoming signals on the two antennas and using the stronger one. The receiver features both 1/4" phone and XLR outputs on the rear, and a power supply is included. The HT300 transmitter operates for up to 14 hours on a pair of AA alkaline batteries.

Electro-Voice R300-HD Wireless Handheld Microphone System (C: 516 to 532 MHz)

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